We now have a commercial sea urchin license and you are not required to have a scientific collecting permit for sea urchins.  We are one of the very few in the state of California that has one.

Sea Urchins: 

The S. Purpuratus are just coming into season. 

The Lytechin Pictus - Are ripe. 

Dendraster - Please call or email us to see if the sand dollars are ripe.

You can order sea urchins individually or get a sea urchin kit. The kit includes:  One gallon of sea water, 15 or more ripe sea urchins or sand dollars, pipettes, petri dishes, and KCL.

Aplysia Californica are available in various sizes.

We can provide a wide variety of specimens that are collected off of the Southern California coast. Please contact us for more information.